Advantages of a Hosted VDI Solution

  • Higher Redundancy at our Adelaide Data Centre (DC) with multiple ‘backup’ servers, backup internet, automatic server fail-over, HA (High-Availability)
  • Higher quality of server equipment (decreases failure rate). i.e. an ‘on-site’ server may cost $15K, our DC servers are $30k each and we have 20+
  • All server hardware is located in our Adelaide DC which enables us to quickly repair any physical issue that may occur
  • High-Speed internet connect; our primary connection in our Adelaide DC is 400/400Mbs (Maximum NBN is 100/40Mbs)
  • Save on electricity and insurance costs by not having expensive server / backup equipment onsite
  • No surprise costs when an onsite server needs upgrades, repaired or replaced. We take care of this with no additional cost to you
  • Our hosting packages include the latest Microsoft Server, Windows and Office editions – you do not pay for upgrades / new versions
  • Superior backup system with ability to retain full systems backups of all servers, workstations and data for up to 365 days
  • Business expansion or reduction can be easily catered for as our hosted solutions are scalable to suit your needs
  • All desktops and primary medical database servers are housed on high-speed enterprise grade SSD hard drives giving you maximum performance

Downsides of a Hosted VDI Solution

  • You are 100% reliant on a stable internet connection to access your data; however backups (4G) can easily be implemented
  • Dependent on internet speed, videos and streaming may not be as fluid on a remote connection compared to a local desktop



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