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CyberSquad IT Consulting in Conjunction with IaaS for Medical Presents VMware Horizon View™ Solutions for Medical Practitioners

  • Traditionally most medical practices run a client/server or peer to peer network. This infrastructure is now quickly becoming antiquated in favour of new virtualised solutions. VMware Horizon View is software that allows you to move your desktop operating systems and applications to your server(s), datacentre or cloud, consolidating your IT environment.
  • With your desktops now hosted on a server (s), you can access them anywhere on multiple devices. With the option of replacing your desktops with high-tech PCoIP™ clients.
  • PCoIP™ clients are very small, high performance devices used for accessing your desktop. The speed at which they run is controlled by your server equipment. PCoIP™ cleint have no moving parts, making them ultra reliable.
  • As users tend to store data on their individual workstations this opens up an opportunity for data loss and/or medico legal issues when disposing of equipment. VMware Horizon View™ stores ALL data on the server(s) eliminating this threat.
  • We configure VMware Horizon View™ in a ‘linked-clone’ configuration. This allows us to only have to install applications once. All of the users’ desktops are ‘linked’ to this clone, providing a much simpler management solution. An IaaS solution will dramatically cuts down labour costs involved in installation of new desktops, as well as updating and maintaining your system. A linked-clone environment provides end users with a consistent experience across multiple desktops and devices.
  • With a VDI solution from CyberSquad IT Consulting, your doctors, nurses, admin and management staff can swap rooms within your establishment and access their exact desktop. Multiple Practices? No problems, VMware Horizon View™ doesn’t mind where you are, it will always deliver your desktop. Securely log on from your home PC or Mac and still access your desktop. Print documents, letters and scripts from your home or any printer anywhere – no setup necessary. they just work! Access your desktop from your iPad or tablet, giving you the ability to consult anywhere!


  • Save on upfront costs. IaaS for Medical™ allows you to add or remove workstation license(s) as you please
  • Security and software updates are performed after-hours via secure remote access. Onsite access is not necessary
  • New or existing printers can be easily configured to allow access for all users at a click of a button
  • Printing available for all home or offsite printers. Setup automatically with no installation necessary
  • Doctors and staff can easily change rooms or workstations and access their exact desktop and settings
  • All workstations have identical versions of software. For example Windows™, Office™ and reference material
  • Easily update medical and third-party applications on a monthly basis (or as necessary). Only the VMware™ MASTER image requires updating and then is deployed to end-users
  • Update or install new applications across your entire desktop pool in minutes, not hours
  • Add a new user and deploy them a new virtual desktop with all of your practice’s applications in less than 10 minutes, all from offsite.
  • Secure remote access available from multiple devices, including clients for Apple™, Android™, Windows™ and Linux™

  • All workstations run at exactly the same performance as they are powered by the server(s), providing a consistent experience for all users
  • Easy to budget with no more expensive equipment replacements if it malfunctions or reaches end of life
  • User’s desktops stored on enterprise class Solid State Storage hard drives, providing high-speed access.
  • Built-In labour is included with IaaS for Medical™, keeping your costs consistent
  • PCoIP Clients (workstations) start-up in less than 10 seconds, use 90% less power than a desktop PC, allow for dual monitors, USB inputs, and can be 100% managed remotely.
  • No moving parts in our PCoIP™ clients ensure they have an almost zero break-down rating
  • No more annoying software update notifications popping up on your screen. Microsoft™ and third-party applications are updated at least monthly across your desktop pool
  • Chances of Viral, malware and hacking attacks on desktops are much lower due to software updates being deployed regularly
  • If a Virtual Desktop does become compromised (malware or software issues) we simply deploy a new one. Within a few minutes the user will have a brand new (working) desktop with all of their data and personal settings still intact

  • Backup system will back-up all data, including end-user desktops. As users nearly always keep data on their local workstations, this eliminates the potential for any data loss
  • Much higher security with the ability to limit or block USB flash drive access to specific users, or only allow specific USB devices
  • Disaster recovery software, hardware and procedures are built into the IaaS for Medical™ package. This allows recovery of entire servers in a matter of minutes
  • 100% of the fortune 500 corporations trust VMware™ as their virtualisation infrastructure platform
  • 24x7x365 support provided by VMware™ ensures your practice(s) are always operational
  • VMware vShield ™ compliment security software (anti-virus) does not need to be installed on every virtual desktop, freeing up resources and improving performance
  • 100% compatible with Australian medical applications (HCN Medical Director™, Best Practice™, Medtech™, Zedmed™, Genie™)
  • Fully complient to Australian General Practice Accreditation standards
  • Ideal solution for multi-site practices. Efficiently access a single database across multiple locations
  • IaaS for Medical’s™ fixed monthly fee allows you to start cutting costs immediately
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